Under some circumstances, a user may become locked out of their Plnar account until it is unlocked by following specific steps in order to verify their identity.

This article describes how to lift this account lock effectively and quickly in order to regain access.

The "Why"

Plnar includes a security feature that may temporarily lock a user's account in order to maintain the security of your Plnar database.

This helps prevent malicious attempts to access your organization's sensitive information that is stored in Plnar.

A user lock-out may be triggered for 2 reasons

  1. The user input their credentials incorrectly 5 times or more without successfully logging in

  2. The user did not log in for greater than 30 days

Unlocking a User's Account

The user lock-out on a standard or guest user can only be lifted by using the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the log-in page. This will prompt the user to confirm their username (email) so that an automated email can be sent to guide the user through creating a new password in order to lift the account lock. Please note: the account lock will not be lifted if the user chooses to use the same password that is currently assigned to their account - a new password must be created.

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