If you are looking to add an additional room or rooms to an already submitted PLNAR SNAP Project, look no further. This article will highlight the few steps the SNAP App user needs to follow in order to add a room or rooms to an existing submitted project.

  1. First, return to your provided project SMS Message and tap the link to open your project, then proceed to step #3. Can't find the original SMS Message? No worries, proceed to Step #2 below.

  2. Open the SNAP App and click through the few on screen prompts until you find yourself at the screen pictured below. From here, you will want to simply click the "View Previous Projects" link.

3. After you click the "View Previous Projects" link, you should find yourself at a screen that looks similar to the image below (you will see a project with a different, yet unique name). From here, simply click directly into the project in question.

4. Once you have clicked into the project in question that you would like to add a room or rooms to, you will be prompted to a screen similar to the image below. From here, the same original steps you initially followed hold true. Simply click the orange circular + sign at the bottom right of your screen to add any additional room or rooms you deem appropriate, and follow the same room capture flow outlined within the SNAP App.

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