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The Plnar/Xactimate Integration is available for version X1 of Xactimate. Plnar data requests must be requested from Xactimate. Requests cannot be made from XactAnalysis. Simply reach out to your Xactware contact and they will get Plnar enabled for you.


  • Plnar projects can be initiated from Xactimate through the request data interface. The participating contact will be notified via SMS & email and have the flexibility to invite an additional participant through a unique project invitation link sent via email.

  • To enable data-sync between Plnar & Xactimate for projects originating outside of the Xactimate console, a Plnar data request must be made from Xactimate to allow completed Plnar data to flow into the assignment.

  • Ingestion of Plnar Project Assets (Reports, Photos, 2D Plans) as well as sketch generation of all rooms in 3D form is fully automated. 3D models will consist of flat ceilings with walls, doors, windows, openings, and structures.

  • Room plans are automatically imported and displayed in a side-by-side grid format into Xactimate Sketch. Manual stitching can be performed through the Xactimate sketch console if floor planning is required.

  • Non-rectangular structures/objects (such as archways, polygons, oddly shaped bath fittings, etc.) will be rendered in rectangular form on the 2D/3D sketch in Xactimate. Finite details and additional measurements of these structures can be pulled through the SmartPix interface within the Plnar Portal.

  • Stairways will be represented by the size of the opening.

  • Specialty ceilings are not supported by the Xactimate API. Specialty ceiling data is included in the Plnar Pro report which is attached to the XACT Claim and can be manually edited in Sketch.

  • The Xactimate API has a maximum project sync limit of 100MB. Projects exceeding 100MBs in size will transfer without the photo set. Photos can be manually uploaded using the provided project photo zip found within project email correspondence and the Plnar Portal interface.


On the occasion new data arrives for a previously sync’d assignment, your measurement reports and photos will be automatically updated.

  • Additional rooms will need to be imported via the sketch canvas import icon . Prior to import, be sure to highlight & copy (CTRL+C) your existing floor plan objects so you can add them to the new canvas on import. Once you’ve copied your rooms, click the import icon and select the top list option to bring in the additional room plans. Simply paste (CTRL+P) to bring back your initial floor-plan and combine with the new rooms to continue adjustment on the claim.

    • Note: If you forget to copy your work and accidentally wipe out your original floor-plan, don’t worry, it’s still in the estimate. Navigate to the drop-down next to the sketch level tab(s) and select your previous source file. Once selected, your can copy your floor-plan, and return to the latest source file to combine.

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