The Snap App provides a guided experience that helps you document and capture photos of your property’s damage. Photos captured during the Snap flow are used to create a 3D depiction of your space and provide a contextual understanding of your property. Good photos are critical for building an accurate 3D model.

As a Snap App user, you can add up to 25 additional photos to your project. These can include previously captured and/or separately taken photos that may help with your claim, such as:

  • Close-ups | Long shots of Damaged Areas

  • Affected Contents (Ex. Furniture, Rugs, Electronics, etc.)

  • Interiors of Structures (Ex. Cabinets, Built-Ins)

  • Sources of Damage

  • Exteriors (Ex. Siding, Downed Fences, Decks, Porches, Broken Windows)

  • Room Overviews

  • Clear shots that highlight important details

  • Pre-Mitigated Scene | Prior to clean-up

  • Areas of Interest

These additional photos can benefit the filing by ensuring accurate estimates and minimizing the need for additional claims arbitration.

How to add photos to your project:

Capture your space using the guided photo capture flow. Once you’ve captured one or more of the affected areas/rooms, you’ll be able to take additional photos or upload them from your device’s gallery/camera roll.

To upload previously taken photos, use the "+" button and tap the Add Photo option. You can also navigate to the photo tab and tap the Add Photos button embedded on the page.

Select Photo Library to display the device's camera roll. Multi-select the photos you wish to add and tap Select | Done to add them to your project. You can also elect to capture additional photos by selecting the camera option on the Add Photos menu.

Photos can also be added to individual room albums. Navigate to the photos tab and select the room album you wish to add photos to. On the following screen, tap the Add Photos option. Photos added to room albums will appear at the end of the photo slider.

Don't hesitate to add additional photos to your project. They help to ensure model accuracy and may provide details missed during the Snap capture sequence.

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