Signing up for our POI API is easy and free!

In this article we'll go over registering for a POI Account, finding your API Token, and authenticating the API.

Tip: Do you already have an existing PlotProjects Dashboard account (for managing Geofences and Campaigns)? You still need to register for a separate POI Account.

Sign up for a POI Account

  1. Go to and select Register at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Enter the necessary information on the next page.

  3. Verify your account via the link in the confirmation email

Finding your API Token

  1. Log into your POI Account by going to

  2. Click the three lines in the upper left corner to open the side menu panel

3. Click the option for POI API

4. Copy your API Token (string of letters and/or numbers)

Tip: You need the API Token in order to use the API.

Authorize the API

1. Click the link next to Try It Out to open the API Interface (or navigate to

2. In the upper right side of the API Interface you will find a green box that says Authorize with a lock icon that is unlatched. Click the Authorize button

Tip: When the lock is open (unlatched), it means you have not yet Authorized the API. You will not be able to make API calls until you Authorize with your API Token

3. Enter your API Token in the Username field and in the Password field. Click Authorize at the bottom of the dialog box.

Tip: Use the same API Token for your Username & Password in the API Interface

4. The green lock should now be latched.

Tip: When the lock is closed (latched), it means the API is Authorized and you can make API calls

You can start making API Calls! Try out Geocoding or Address Search

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