Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 4

Time commitment: 10 Minutes

To transfer POAPs from one address to another, we recommend using uNFT Wallet, as it will allow you to move multiple POAPs with only two transactions if desired.

Step 1.

You'll need to connect your wallet to uNFT and select the corresponding network (Ethereum Mainnet or Gnosis Chain (previously xDai)) within the wallet (MetaMask connection to Gnosis shown below).

Please note that both wallets need to support connectivity to the Gnosis Chain, otherwise your access to the POAP(s) will be lost forever.

If you have not already added the Gnosis Chain to your MetaMask wallet, please follow these additional steps below:

Step 1a.

Open MetaMask and click on the "Ethereum Mainnet" dropdown at the top.

Step 1b.

You'll then see the "Add Network" button appear. Click it.

Step 1c.

On the next page, you'll enter the below details:

Now that the Gnosis Chain is selectable within your wallet, return to Step 1 and continue.

Step 2.

Confirm the correct network is connected to uNFT by looking at the top-right corner of the page (shown below). Note, "xDAI" is Gnosis Chain's old name, uNFT simply has not updated the name yet.

Step 3.

Add the POAP contract to uNFT by clicking "+ ADD CONTRACT" in the bottom-right corner of the page (shown below). The POAP contract is already preloaded in the "Common" contract tab, so simply click on the dropdown menu, select "POAP," and click "ADD" (shown below).

Step 4a.

Now that the POAP contract has been added, you are free to select the POAP(s) that you'd like to transfer. To transfer only one POAP, simply click the "TRANSFER" button beneath it and enter the recipient's ETH address or ENS name on the popup. You'll need to sign the transaction in your wallet and it will be sent.

Step 4b.

To send multiple POAPs at once, click the button shown below:

and follow the instructions on the following page.

Gnosis Chain Transactions

When transacting on Gnosis Chain, keep in mind that the transfer will be paid for in xDai tokens. If you do not hold funds on the Gnosis Chain, you may use any of the xDai faucets available to get the funds required to cover the transfer.

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