Difficulty: Easy

Number of steps: 3

Time commitment: 5 Minutes

Step 1

Navigate to POAP.fun and click the "Create Raffle" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2

On the page that follows, fill in the details of the raffle with as much information as possible. Everything on this page except the POAP selection can be updated later.

Some notes:

  • The Raffle Name is the name that can be used to search and find your raffle on the https://poap.fun/ webpage.

  • POAP Selection is where you'll select which POAPs will provide entry into the raffle.

  • Weighted chance can be selected if you'd like users with multiple qualifying POAPs to have multiple chances to win.

  • Decide raffle date time can be selected later if you're unsure when the raffle should begin. If you'd like to ensure that a group of friends has all entered before beginning the raffle, this is the perfect option to choose.

  • Raffle description could explain the reason for holding the raffle, perhaps some of the rewards that are available, etc.

  • Prizes is where you'll list the prizes you'd like to give away (in sequential order) to the first-place winner, then second, third, etc. Prizes can be anything you'd like and must be distributed manually after the raffle is complete. POAP does not provide a method to automatically distribute the winnings.

  • The Contact field is where you will enter your email address so that winners may get in touch with you for their reward.

  • Email required for participants can be selected if you'd like to require entrants to submit an email address when registering for the raffle.

Step 3.

Once complete, click "Create Raffle" at the bottom of the page. Your raffle will now be created and you will receive a confirmation email. The email should look like this:

Some notes:

Your edit code is the number found here (blank in this example):

If you'd like to edit your raffle, you'll need to visit your raffle page (link found in the same email above) and hit the edit button, shown below:

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