What is it?

You can now earn points for undistracted driving!

How does it work?

Just complete the setup and then your drives will automatically be tracked. You don't need to open Pocket Points before driving to earn points.

You will earn points for every drive minute you spend undistracted and points will be deducted for every distraction. If you hit 3 distractions in a drive, you will earn 0 points for that drive.

To add the points you've earned while driving to your balance, you need to claim them. You can do that by tapping the "Claim Points" button at the top right of the drive screen. You can only rack up 10 points at a time, so make sure you claim your points occasionally so you don't miss out.

Is Drive Mode on if I'm the passenger?

Yes. Drive mode is tracking drives whether you're driving or a passenger. Unfortunately, we can't distinguish between those things right now. We know it's quite a challenge to stay focused as a passenger. 

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