Set up real-time availabilities on your Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Page

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In order to set up real-time availabilities for your booking page, please ensure that you are using the Availabilities Date Selection Section on your Booking page.

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Step by step process to set real-time availability -

Step 1. Select the Booking Page you would like to edit from the Booking Pages list in the ops console.

Choose Booking page to display real-time availabilities

Step 2. Go to “Settings” and select “Availabilities.”

Edit Real-time availabilities for your booking page under Settings > Availabilities

Step 3. You will see the “Company Calendar” option. Choose this one if you do not have subscription access to Service Providers. Otherwise, you have a choice between “Company Calendar” and “Service Providers.”

  • Company Calendar – Availabilities will be based on your Company Calendar. Note that all booking pages share the same Company Calendar, so this option may not be the best for companies with multiple service offerings.

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Real-time availabilities based on Company Calendar
  • Service Providers – Availabilities will be based on the individual availabilities of your service providers. You are able to attach specific service providers to individual booking pages from this page. Say you have a handyman and maids. You can attach maids to your Maid Service booking page and the handyman to your Handyman booking page. The availabilities will be completely independent.

Real-time availabilities based on Service Provider's Calendar

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