There's a quick way to create a booking from a canceled booking - Simply clone it.

Just pick a new date & time - you are all set. Here's how to do it step by step -

1. Go to booking under "Booking section" and select a specific booking that you would like to cancel.

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Choose a booking to cancel

2. Once the booking has been cancelled, the booking status header will show "Cancelled". Go to the right navigation menu and click on "Advanced..."

Click on advance option to clone a booking

3. Once you click on "Advanced..." more options like clone Booking and re-send confirmation will be visible. Click on"Clone Booking"

Under actions, click on

4. A pop-up will display with the option to select a day & time for the new booking and if you would like to send a confirmation to the customer. Select your preference and click "Ok"

Select a day & time to clone a booking with new details

All set !!! Your new booking has been created without entering all the information again.

New booking created by cloning a canceled booking

Whatโ€™s next? ๐Ÿ‘‰

> Check out How you can schedule an unscheduled booking?

> Give your customers a shopping experience they will love, allow them to cancel or reschedule a booking

> Use Booking attachments like checklist, etc to keep your team up-to-date & empowered with information.

> Don't forget to ask for customer ratings once the job is completed. This will help you showcase the quality of your service.

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