There may be instances where the service you provided to a customer may not meet their expectations. In such cases, you might prefer not to ask for a rating.

After you or your service provider have completed the job. You will have an option to mark that booking as "complete" [Under Bookings > Right Menu Options under "Actions"]

Choose a booking you want to mark as complete

You will be prompted with a pop-up window, requesting to mark a booking as complete and inform your customer. Plus, if you would like to include a rating request.

You can choose Yes or No based on your preference for each of the two questions. For rating request -
> Choose "Yes" if you would like to include a rating request along with informing your customer that the booking has been completed.
> Choose "No" if you would not like to request a rating.

Enable or disable the option to ask customer a rating when marking a booking as complete

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