Go to Booking Pages.

Select a Booking.

Select Settings.

You will see these Settings:

1. General Options - Under General Options, you will find options to set booking time intervals, Minimum time between bookings, Team Size for a booking page, Hot Lead Settings, Send Web Booking Confirmation Email to Customer, Manage booking page padding.

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2. Booking Summary - The right-side booking summary is where your customer can see a summary of their booking, the total, taxes, grand total, and total time while they fill out your booking page. These individual parts can either be shown or hidden from the customer.

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3. Availabilities - Set-up operating hours, Allow bookings to extend past operating hours, Set Earliest Booking Allowed, and Set Real-Time Availabilities.

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4. Dispatching - Auto-dispatching allows you to automatically assign scheduled bookings to service providers at the time the booking is created.

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5. Notifications - Allow the customer to self-reschedule or self cancel a booking, handle booking reminders mode (email/SMS), timing

6. Payments - Validate customer's credit card and choose if the account will be pre-authorized for the entire or fixed booking amount.

7. Landing Page - Configure card displayed on the landing page for each booking page.

8. Service Area Restrictions: Optimize your time by taking the booking request only from the area you serve.

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9. Tax Codes

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