When you install your Pointy box, a solid green indicator light should be visible. This indicates that everything is working correctly.

If you see no light at all, make sure your Pointy box is connected as per the instructions.

If you see a blinking light, the Pointy box is connecting to the cellular network. This usually takes 3-5 minutes, but can take longer in some cases. If the light continues to blink after 10 minutes, try these steps:

  • It is best to avoid having the Pointy Box located under or behind anything that might block the signal. Try moving the box away from other electronic devices and/or above the counter.
  • Try positioning the box so that the Pointy label is facing the nearest external window or door.
  • Keep the Pointy Box connected overnight - it might just need some time to find a signal.

If you try these steps and are still having difficulty, please contact us. If you can, please let us know the make and model of your barcode scanner. A photograph of the area where you have set up your Pointy box can also help us to diagnose any issues.

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