A solid green indicator light on the Pointy box means that everything is working correctly.

A blinking light means that your device is connecting. This is normal during setup and may take 3-5 minutes. If the light continues to blink after 10 minutes, or you see no light at all, consult the troubleshooting guide.

If the device is positioned in a location that makes it hard to see the indicator light, you can also confirm that your Pointy box is working by looking at your Pointy dashboard. Navigate to ‘Manage Shop’ > ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Page Status’ and check for the Pointy Box Status indicator.

The status indicator shows the current status of your device:

Posted: Your Pointy box has been shipped.
Delivered: Your Pointy box has been delivered.
Pending: Your Pointy box is being configured. Please wait until configuration completes.
Good: Your Pointy box is working normally.
Not OK: Your Pointy box is not online and/or we aren't receiving scans.

A status of Good indicates that your device is working and we are receiving scans. If you wish, you can confirm this by clicking ‘Monitor Pointy Box’. This displays the recent scans that have been received from your device.

If the status of your box is ‘Not OK’ it means the box isn’t online or that we aren’t receiving scans. You may need to check the installation instructions in the pack we sent you, or consult the troubleshooting guide.

If you try these steps and are still having difficulty, please contact us. If possible, please provide us with the brand and model number of your barcode scanner. A photograph of the area where you have set up your Pointy box can also help us to diagnose any issues.

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