¿How are you making sure that you will be focused and ready to make the best decisions possible when you sit down and play?

¿How are you guaranteeing that you will play your best game every session, your A-game?

If you are like most players, you are not doing anything. You are leaving your performance to chance, some days you play well, others you don't and you don't know why.

You have to take control and decide to get ready before playing and be in the best possible state to make good decisions.

That's what separates professionals from amateurs.

No matter how good you are, if you are not able to use it consistently because of tilt, lack of concentration or lack of motivation, it's not going to help you.

Every high performer uses routines to take control of their mental state and guarantee that they will perform. They don't leave the most important thing to chance.

Pokermind gives you the routines that you need to play at your best level everyday, ready to be used.

These routines are:

  • The Warmup is the routine pre-session and it's designed to help you focus on your decisions and give you long-term perspective, to help you start the session at 100%, to review and track your goals and to improve your mental game.
  • The Cooldown is the routine post-session and its main purpose is to review the session, to reflect on your game quality and on your mistakes so you realize what you can do better tomorrow, and to give closure to the session so it doesn't affect your life or the following sessions.

Both routines are customizable and interactive.

Furthermore, Pokermind generates Mental Game Statistics with the answers that you are going to be giving in your Warmups and Cooldowns.

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