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The most important thing as a poker player is to play well every single session, no matter how you run. And for that, mental game and good habits are mandatory.

Are there any resources to help you work on these things every day?

Not before, Pokermind is the best tool to help you develop routines to take control of your performance and to improve your mental game so you can win more and feel better in the process.

Between two equally good players, if one prepares himself mentally and the other doesn't, who will have a higher winrate?

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To be a successful poker player you need to be able to play at your best level consistently, no matter what happens, no matter how you run.

And for that, you need a strong mental game and habits that put you in a good state, mentally and physically. Otherwise, the external circumstances will affect you every day and the quality of your game will be very unstable.

That leads to tilt, emotional pain, burning money, lower winrate, anxiety, downswings...and to let your life get affected by the game.

The path to take control of your performance and to gain inner stability so you can play well every day and act like a true professional are the habits and the mental game.

High performance = habits + mental game

You are professional poker player 24h a day and every decision will affect your performance at the tables. If you want to be a pro, act like one.

Nowadays mental game is more important than the technical game because anyone with an average intelligence can learn how to play very well. Once you move up levels, the technical quality of your opponents is guaranteed.

But almost no one is capable of playing at his best consistently. This opens up the door for a big advantage that can be gained over everyone else if you work on your performance and your mental game.

Poker has become tougher over the years and any edge you can gain is very important for your bottom line. 

And the way to work on these two things is constancy. Reading or getting coached is great, but to change your habits and your mental game you need to work on them every day. That is why Pokermind exists.

There is a big gap between the importance that the mental game has and the tools and resources available to work on it. 

Pokermind is the tool that streamlines the process of getting ready before your sessions, improving your mental game and learning from what happens at the tables so you can become better every day.

Pokermind gives you effective and simple routines that will allow you to win more and feel better while doing so.

As a professional, you should take action to create the best possible conditions to play at your best every day, regardless of what happens around you. Do not wait for the perfect conditions, take control over yourself and create them with Pokermind.

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