Prevent and improve your tilt

  • If you Warm up before the session you will be much more prepared to face the session and variance. 
  • Pokermind helps you focus on what you can control (your routines, your effort, your mindset). When you gain internal stability you will need less external control and variance will affect you less.
  • Pokermind helps you reflect on what happened during the session with the Cooldown and resolve your unresolved thoughts and emotions. When you don't, typically what happens is that one bad session affects your life and the following sessions and a mental downswing starts.
  • The Warmup has a section that helps you work on your mental game leaks every day. If you improve your mental game, you will tilt less often and not as bad.

Take control of your performance

  • If you don't do anything to get ready you are adding more variance to the game. Don't you think it has enough already? Pokermind's routines will help you play well consistently by focusing exclusively on what you can control.
  • As a professionals, we can not wait for the perfect conditions to exist and then perform at a high level, we have to be able to perform at our best always, no matter what happens, and that is achieved with good routines and a good mindset, the things that you improve with Pokermind.
  • As a result, you will be able to play better every session, which translates into a higher winrate and less emotional pain.

Improve your Mental Game

  • To improve your mental game you need to change the way you interpret poker and variance. You need to change your beliefs about them. You need to create new beliefs and a new way of thinking based on logic and a deep understanding of reality and that is only achieved by daily repetition. Changing the way you think and feel is hard, it requires daily repetition. 
  • Pokermind gives you the routines to work on this new way of thinking every day while at the same time increasing your self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Learn about yourself

  • To change anything, first you must become aware of it and self-awareness is like any skill, you improve with repetition.
  • In the Cooldown you will be asked to reflect on the session and yourself and learn from your mistakes, emotions, behavior and triggers so you can know yourself better, train your self-awareness and know what to improve to become better every day.
  • With increased self-awareness, you will be able to detect tilt faster and react before it's too late. 

Find the motivation to grind

  • Lack of motivation is usually a factor of not having goals or having goals based on what you don't control.
  • It's also a consequence of not being grateful of the opportunity that you have to play poker.
  • The Warmup helps you remember your goals and why you play poker every day so you never lose perspective. 
  • And it helps you focus on your performance and on your growth and not on your results. It's understandable that you lose motivation if you only care about results. But when you focus on the process, on improving and on the challenge, you will never lose your motivation.
  • These are the keys to have a stable work ethic that does not use lack of motivation as an excuse. If you want to achieve your goals you have to take action every day, motivated or not.

Start every session at 100%

  • If you don't get ready before playing, you will start unfocused or worried about something or just in a bad mental state to plat at your best level, and these things cost you money and make you more vulnerable to tilt during the first part of the session.
  • You can avoid these situations by sitting down 5 minutes, warming up, and deciding who you want to be during the session, no matter what happens, from minute 0, and not spend the first 30 minutes trying to find your game.
  • How much would your winrate increase if you always started with maximum concentration and with a clear intention? 

Learn Faster (even your technical game)

  • One of the drawbacks of a bad mental game is that your focus is not on your decisions, but on fighting your tilt or just plain complaining. 
  • When you are not focused on your decisions, you are not thinking about what matters (EV), you are not improving and you are not using the things that you are studying outside the tables. These factors delay your learning a lot. They make you stay stuck.
  • A good mental game unlocks your brain because you will not waste your energy in what doesn't matter and you will be able to focus 100% on your decisions.
  • Also, the Cooldown will show you what you need to improve which will help you guide your study in a more efficient way --> you'll improve faster. 

Achieve your goals

  • How are goals achieved? Constancy, day in day out, discipline. The most valuable things in life take time. If you are a prey of external circumstances, you will never take action consistently enough to reach your goals.
  • How to be consistent? With high performance routines.
  • As a poker player, your goal should be to play as much as you can at a high level and improve every day. Always, no matter how you run. Pokermind and its routines will definitely help you in these regards. This is our main goal.

Feel better

  • If the Warmup and the Cooldown would not improve your winrate (which is not true) but only improved your overall happiness and satisfaction with the game, that would be already massively EV+.
  • A better mental game and better routines lead to a better life. You will act like a true professional, you will gain internal stability and you will suffer less, because you will stop depending on results.
  • And if you are able to play better, with a better attitude, fighting for your goals, and focused on what you can control, at the end of the day you will feel proud and satisfied about your effort and about who you are. What's more important than that?

Play better and for longer

  • Better mental game + Warming up + setting goals + remembering your motivations = play more and better. 
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