The three main features are: 

  • Warmup: the customizable pre-session routine: mental warm up, review your goals, improve your mental game,...
  • Cooldown: post-session routine.
  • Mental game statistics: statistics generated from your Warmup and Cooldown answers.

Other features:

  • Warmup templates: predefined templates designed for different days and states. This way you can start using Pokermind quickly and easily.
  • Mental game content: dozens of slides with top mental game content so you can improve your Warmups and specialize them to your liking and situation.
  • Customizable templates: the Warmup and the Cooldown have editors with lots of options. You can enable/disable most of its sections, add new slides, write your motivations and goals, upload images, edit the text,...
  • Timer: Pokermind includes a timer embedded in the app. You can customize its behavior in the settings and you can have it appear during the Warmup, the Cooldown and the session. The timer also has an alarm that will notify you when you reach your session's goal. 
  • Visualization: the Warmup includes 6 visualizations specially designed for poker players adapted for different mental states the player can be in.
  • Session goals: the Warmup has a goals section in which you can enter volume goals and specific objectives for the session.
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