The Warmup is the pre-session routine.

Its goal is to help you enter the best mental state to develop your best game during the next session.

It also helps you improve your mental game by daily repetition of new concepts that solve your mental game leaks.

As a professional poker player you should take control of your inner state and your performance, which is the only way to be successful long-term.

The Warmup will help you perform at your best level every day.

If you don't Warm up, you will be adding more variance to the game because your game will differ a lot from day to day and you will be a victim of the circumstances and of your results.

If you want to have success as a poker player you have to play well every day and not only when winning.

Professionals take control to decide play the best they know and perform on command.

What is on the Warmup?

The Warmup is divided into three sections.

In the first one, called "Self-Awareness", the player gains conscience about his mental/physical/emotional state before the session so he can optimize it before starting to play.

In the second one, called "Areas for improvement", the player studies the weak spots in his mental and technical game to improve a little bit every day and to refresh the most important concepts just before playing.

In the last one, called "Get Ready", the player gains energy to start the session at 100% with visualization techniques and inspirational content of his own.

What are the benefits of Warming up?

  1. Create separation between poker and life. You create a transition space between them and this way you will avoid carrying over your worries to the session. Focus on what it's important now, just poker.
  2. Gain focus and perspective. You will reinforce the long-term focus needed to play at your best and to forget about short-term results by remembering your deep motivations, goals and making a commitment to behave like a professional.
  3. Start at 100%. A perfect session starts with a perfect preparation. Getting ready helps you start at your best level, reducing the quantity of silly mistakes and making you more resistant to tilt.
  4. More stable game. Warming up you will make your game quality much more stable and predictable. Stable game quality = higher winrate and less negative emotions.
  5. Improve your mental game. With daily repetition of new concepts and beliefs that help you understand the game more deeply you will improve your mental game.
  6. Change your mental state. Every day is different and your mental state changes. With the Warmup, you will optimize so you can play well consistently.
  7. You will play more. With a better mental game, starting your session at 100% and taking control of your inner state, you will be more resistant to tilt and you will be able to play well for longer.
  8.  Gain motivation. After preparing yourself mentally, remembering what truly matters and your goals, lack of motivation will no longer be an excuse to not play.
  9. Gain advantage. Between two equally good players, if one prepares himself mentally and the other doesn't, who will have a higher winrate? Can you imagine a professional athlete that doesn't get ready before competing?
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