1. Adapt them to your situation. The content that you need is different from what other player needs. Your routines should help you work on your mental game leaks.
  2. Your language. It should be written in a way that speaks to you directly. This way you will understand it quickly and easily and the language will resonate more with you.
  3.  Comfort. Pokermind should be easy to use, there should be no resistance. You will repeat these routines a lot and if something is not of your liking it will get magnified over time. Disable the sections you don't like, change the sentences you don't share or understand.
  4. Duration. The Warmup should not be too long or you will just not do it. A shorter but more specific Warmup is the way to avoid laziness. If 7 minutes is too long for you, build a Warmup that you can complete in 5 minutes and you will never get tired of it. 
  5. Evolution. Over time, your situation and your mental game will change and your routines will have to adapt to that. If you don't change them periodically they will lose its utility because they will get repetitive and outdated.

These points will help you connect better with the Warmup, you will have a more suitable attitude when doing it and they will increase its efficiency.

The more effort you put into customizing your routines the more value you will gain. 

Also, as you repeat them, you will see what you like or don't like and you will be able to improve them little by little.

The goal is to take action and internalize these routines because you know they are the best thing for your game, and it is better to have less complex routines that you will follow always than to have super complex or long presentations that you will hardly ever complete.

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