The Cooldown is the post-session routine.

Its goal is to help you review the session, reflect on your performance, tilt and mistakes, learn about what you can do better next time, and give closure to the session so it doesn't affect your life and/or the following sessions.

The Cooldown will allow you to keep improving as a player every day. Without reviewing your performance is impossible that you have a clear idea about what went well or wrong. Not reviewing creates the perfect conditions for lying to yourself.

What is on the Cooldown?

The Cooldown is divided into three sections.

  1. In the first one, called Self-Reflection, the player reviews the session with multiple answer questions: his game quality, tilt, triggers, mistakes, emotions, things to improve, etc.
  2. In the second one, called Performance, the player tracks performance variables that can affect his game like sleep, diet, health, etc
  3. In the last one, the player reviews his goals and how the session went and writes his personal poker journal.

What are the benefits of doing the Cooldown?

  1. Separate poker and life. Give closure to the session and resolve emotions and thoughts from the sessions so they don't affect your life and the next sessions.
  2. Tilt prevention. When you carry over tilt from the last sessions you are more vulnerable to tilting again. The Cooldown helps you reset your mind after each session.
  3. Stable confidence. To develop a stable confidence that depends on you and that is not attached to your results you need to be able to review your game objectively and this is what you will do with the Cooldown.
  4. Improve your mental game. The first step to improve is self knowledge and with this routine you will gain awareness of your mental leaks by reflecting on everything that happened in the session: triggers, behavior, mistakes, emotions,...
  5. Detect tilt faster. By reflecting on your tilt from different angles you will be able to detect it sooner during the session and react before it gets overwhelming.
  6. Learn faster. After reviewing the session you will know if your study is being effective or not and you will detect what you should focus on to improve.
  7. Less mental downswings. Instead of letting your game slip down after a few bad sessions, the Cooldown will help you react and to recover your best game before it's too late. 

Reviewing is an essential phase in the process of becoming a great poker player.

We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflection on experience.

Study --> Prepare --> Perform --> Review 

This process will guarantee your success as a poker player.

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