The mental game statistics are unique statistics generated from the answers you give in your Warmups and Cooldowns.

Their main purpose is to detect leaks and observe your performance over time with data and graphs. This way you can measure lots of intangibles of your mental game and center your efforts in improving the most urgent leaks.

The biggest consequence of focusing on your performance and mental game data is that you will spend less time focused on your results.

Which statistics will I find inside Pokermind?

  • The mental game calendar. An overview of your months where you will quickly see the evolution of your performance. Hovering the mouse over each day will show a brief summary of statistics of that day and if you click on it you will access the summary of that day's Warmups and Cooldowns.
  •  Daily summary.  A recollection of your answers of that day.
  • Global mental game statistics. The powerful stuff, your general statistics. Inside you will find things like your winrates by game level (A+ A B+ B C), your A-game graph (game quality over time), your ev winrate in each game level, the % of the time you spend on each game level, the recollection of all your Cooldown answers by %, your tilt profile, the % of goals you complete, your performance variables,...

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