Pokermind includes predefined Warmup ready-to-use templates that will allow you to start quickly and easily.

When creating a new Warmup, you will be able to start form a blank template or from one of the predefined ones. After that, you can further edit them to adapt them to your situation and taste.

Each Warmup has a short description that will appear when you hover over their titles.

Existing Templates 

  • Pokermind Warmup: an example that showcases every feature of the Warmup.
  • Txeremi's Warmup: the Warmup that the creator of Pokermind uses every day. Short and effective that focuses on gratitude and personal responsibility.
  • Bad run Warmup: a Warmup specially designed for those days when you feel that the results of the last few sessions have affected you and you need an extra help to recover your mental game.
  • Good run Warmup: a Warmup designed to fight against over confidence, the winning tilt. Taking winning for granted is as dangerous as hard tilting and this Warmup will help you put your feet back on the ground and lower your (unrealistic) expectations.

Who writes these Warmups?

The Warmups and the mental game content that you will find inside Pokermind are written by me the creator of Pokermind (Gerard aka Txeremi). I have played professionally for more than 11 years and have been studying personal development and psychology since 2014. I know what a poker player needs.


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