Pokermind has a timer embedded inside.

The timer will appear during your Warmups, Cooldowns and during the session.

You can configure its behavior in the preferences. 


During the Warmup you will be asked how much you want to play this session and you will be able to enable/disable the alarm.

How it will help you?

Measuring is the key to achieve your goals. As a professional poker player you should play a certain amount of hours each month and by planning, by setting daily goals, and then measuring them you will increase your chances of getting there.

When a player doesn't have a plan nor measures his progress, usually the following happens:

  • He gives up because falls behind quickly.
  • Plays much less than what he wants because he is not following any plan, he plays based on daily feeling.
  • Plays a lot during some sessions chasing losses, which is something that a pro should never do. 
  • Wants to quit fast if he runs well to lock up the win.
  • Doesn't have any motivation to grind. It's normal, without goals where are you going? Motivation is always unreliable.

Basically, he is a prey of the circumstances and procrastination. 

Create a plan, stick to it, measure it and you will be in much better place. Act like a professional would.

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