During the Warmup you will be asked to write goals for the session. 

  • You can set specific goals, which are specific actions or lines that you will focus during the session. You can find examples at the bottom of this article.
  • You are also asked how much you want to play this session and you have the option to enable/disable the alarm. Also, how much you want to play today. These volume goals will be reviewed during the Cooldown.

Why should you have goals for each session?

Goals are always a big motivator and move you forward. 

How are you going to improve if you don't commit to it?

What gets measured gets improved. There is no other way. Leaving things only in your head is the easiest way to set the bar low and give up when things get a bit hard.

Typing down your goals and measuring your progress forces you to actually try and helps you observe the reality of your improvement. 

It is recommended to focus on very few goals at the same time. You will be playing poker, which is very demanding, and you will not be able to remember more than 1 or 2 specific goals.

The best way to improve is to pick a very specific thing and focus exclusively on it for a few days or weeks, until you feel the change is notable and sustainable.

Examples of Session Goals

Select specific things which you have to improve. Start with the most urgent or costly behaviors. Use the answers of your Cooldown to determine these goals.

  • Sit down correctly. Your mind affects your body and your body affects your mind. Can you imagine playing at your best while being sit down in a poor posture?
  • Control your breathing. Same thing, the mind is the key to the mind. Control your breath and it will be easier to control your mental state. How do you breathe when you are on tilt?
  • Counter attack tilt with logic. Commit to use logic when tilt appears. Start by focusing only on one sentence, your emergency sentence. 
  • Do not open the graph. Looking at your graph during the session is pretty counterproductive. You lose focus on what matters (information and decisions), it puts you in a results-oriented mindset, it makes you experience every single swing...not EV+.
  • Control distractions. Distractions are costly, period. Facebook, whatsapp, youtube, skype...they cost you money.
  • Technical game situations or thinking process. Like think about bluffing ranges, focus on playing preflop perfectly, remember constructing river raising ranges,...
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