Account and installation

  1. Register for your free account if you haven't. You will receive a 6 email course about what you need to be a professional poker player, 4 free guides specially designed for poker players, and you will have access to a 14-day free trial to try Pokermind. Too EV+.
  2. Download and install Pokermind or access through
  3. Log in using the same username and password. Forgot your password? 

First steps inside Pokermind 

  1. Say hi! I like to know every user. 
  2. Pokermind is very easy to use but you have lot of help inside the app. For the first few days you I will send you messages with tips and help but you can also look for the "?" all around the app to open tutorials and more help.
  3. Adjust your preferences: language, the time at which your day starts, the behaviour of the timer and the background of your Warmups/Cooldowns. 
  4. Create your first Warmup and Cooldown!

Warmup and Cooldown

  1. Pokermind provides predefined templates from which you can create your presentations easily. 
  2. At first, select one of the predefined templates to create your first presentations. You will find several Warmups from which to start your own.
  3. Invest some time into personalizing the content. Adapt it to your situation, needs and liking.
  4. Disable the sections you don't like, eliminate the sentences that don't resonate with you, adapt its duration to what's comfortable for you.
  5. Follow this guide to become a pro at editing your presentations.

Tips to get the most out of Pokermind

  1. Stick to the routines! The value these routines have only comes with constancy, like going to the gym. Turn them into a habit. It's the best thing for your game and mental state, now take action every day even if you don't want to. Do what you know you should do.
  2. Over time, evolve and improve the content of your presentations to adapt it to the new situations and the evolution of your mental game. It doesn't have to be perfect from the beginning.
  3. Enjoy your new relationship with the game! 
  4. Read this article: 10 tips to get the most out of Pokermind 

And if you're still not convinced...

  1. Why you should use Pokermind.
  2. Benefits of using Pokermind.
  3. Benefits of warming up.
  4. Benefits of cooling down.
  5. Do you want to discover the most efficient way to increase your winrate?
  6. 10 Reasons why you should Warm up (before every single session)
  7. Profit?
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