In this article you will find tips to extract the most value of Pokermind to improve your performance and your mental game.

1. Personalize your Warmup.

This is the most important step. The Warmup has to be adapted to your situation and needs.
Why personalization is important.
How to create and edit your first Warmup.

How to Warm up effectively.

2. Evolve your presentations

They don't have to be perfect from the start. Each time you do your Warmup and Cooldown you will realize what you can change and improve. 

Also, as you improve your mental game, you will need to change the content of your Warmup so it stays relevant and useful.

3. Do a Warmup that's easy to do

It's better to have a simpler routine that you will easily stick to than a super complex one that you'll hardly ever do.

A 15 minute Warmup does not have to be better than a 5 minute Warmup.

Eliminate sections and content that you don't like. Make the Warmup short and effective and you will have an easier time implementing it.

Start small and grow from there.

4. Commit to these routines

Going to the gym once a month…it’s not that useful. Going to the gym once a week…better than nothing. But if you want to see real changes, you have to go regularly, no excuses, period.

Pokermind requires constancy and a commitment with yourself. Each warmup/cooldown has a negligible increase in your performance and learning, but that increment accumulates over time and it will make all the difference in the world (compounding effect).

The alternative is giving up one more thing that you know it's good for you. Laziness will leave you stuck.

Be good to yourself by doing the things you know you should do.

5. Attitude

Auto piloting kills your winrate. Do these routines with intention. Warming up quickly and because "you have to" is a waste of time. 

How to Warmup effectively.

6. Ask for help and give feedback

If you need help, message me using the live chat. Easy.

And if you want to see Pokermind grow and improve, share your thoughts with me about how to improve it and what you would like to see. EV+ for both of us.

7. Invite your friends

Spread the word, invite your friends and you will earn discounts. 

Let's make this poker world a better place together with less pain for everyone.

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