We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.

What is the Cooldown and what are its benefits.

The main reasons why you should Cooldown are:

  1. To give closure to the session. What happens after a bad session? You think about it for a long time and it can affect your life and the following sessions. Then you tilt more easily and if you keep running bad you will enter a downward spiral of negativity and you will kill your winrate: a downswing.

    No, there is an alternative. After a session in which your game has been affected by the results, sit down, think about what went wrong and well, resolve your emotions and thoughts and rebound harder than ever.
  2. To learn to recognize tilt faster. The cooldown makes you think and reflect about your tilt from different angles (emotions, mistakes, behavior, corporality, triggers) and it will help you become more aware about your tilt and detect it faster.
  3. To improve every day. If you don't review you don't know what went wrong or well and you can easily lie to yourself.

    Reflect on the session and on yourself, learn about your mistakes, decide what you will do better next time, and you will make big leaps towards being a better poker player.
  4. To optimize your Warmup. What you learn on the cooldown helps you guide the direction in which your Warmup should go to help you the most.

In general, reviewing is an essential part in the process of learning any skill. 

Study --> Prepare --> Perform --> Review

Create a Cooldown

Go to "Manage presentations", then click on "New Cooldown".

Edit your Cooldown

The Cooldown is a more straightforward process than the Warmup and it has less flexibility.

1. General options 

Here you can change:

  • The title of your Cooldown. The title is just descriptive.
  • Enable/disable the inspirational quotes that appear on the titles of the presentations.

2. Section 1: Self-reflection

In this section you will reflect on yourself and your game.

This is always an important part of the Cooldown but it's ESSENTIAL after a bad session. 

It includes lots of multiple answer questions that you can edit live to asses several things:

  • The quality of your game.
  • Your tilt.
  • Your emotions. 
  • Your mistakes.
  • Your behavior patterns.
  • Your bodily sensations.
  • The reasons why you ended the session.
  • Positive things about the session.
  • Things to improve. 

Each one has a predefined set of answers and you can add your own ones while doing the Cooldown live.

3. Section 2: Performance

In this section you can enter variables of your daily live that can affect your performance at the tables and that you want to track its impact.


  • Diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Sleep.
  • Meditation.
  • Overall health.

These variables will be used to create filters on your mental game statistics.

You can create your own variables as a yes or no questions.

4. Section 3: Review goals

In this section you will review your specific goals for the session that you set  during your Warmup and your volume goals.

5. Section 4: Winrate

You will enter the games that you played and your winrates. 

If you don't want to check your results after every session, you can disable this section.

In that case, you will be able to ad the results of each session from the daily summary that you can enter from the mental game calendar. The session without results will show a red exclamation mark on the calendar.

6. Section 5: Journal - Any last thoughts?

Last section of the Cooldown, "Last Thoughts". It is your personal poker diary. The idea is that if you like to write you can do it here.

Writing is a great reflection tool to learn about the session, about what you want to improve, clean emotions that may be stuck after the session and get poker out of your head to return to your normal life.

If you do not like it, you can disable this section.

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