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How can I adjust my data settings on Polar Analytics?
How can I adjust my data settings on Polar Analytics?

This article details how you can configure your data settings to determine how you'd like your revenue and orders to be calculated.

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If you'd like to customize how your revenue or orders are calculated in Polar Analytics, you can adjust your Data Settings to have more control over the calculations. Within the Data Settings, you can decide what you want to be included or excluded in a number of metrics. Keep in mind that these settings will impact your data throughout the app, on both Key Indicators and Custom Reports.

You can include or exclude:

  • Discount from Gross Sales

  • Returns from Gross Sales

  • Shipping in Total Sales

  • Taxes in Total Sales

  • Tips in Total Sales

  • Costs of Products from Total Sales

  • GSheet Expenses from Total Sales

You can also decide if you'd like to include cancelled and $0.00 orders in your Total Orders.

In order to include or exclude each setting, simply toggle the option on or off.

Within your General Settings, you can decide on the Number Formatting of your metrics across the platform.

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