What Shopify metrics are available in Polar?

Here's a list of all Shopify metrics available in Polar

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To have access to the full list of metrics available for Shopify, you can check it in the Custom Reports

โ€‹RAW (taken directly from Shopify)

Avg time between orders (days)

Avg time between orders (hours)

Cart Sessions

Checkout Sessions

Cost of Products (COGs)

Current Inventory Quantity (Snapshot)



Gross Sales

Net Product Quantity

New Cost of Products

New Customer Orders

New Customers

New Discounts

New Gross Sales

New Returns

New Shipping

New Shipping Pre Refunds

New Tax

New Tax Pre Refunds

New Tips

New Total Costs

Product Quantity

Purchase Sessions

Quantity Added To Cart

Repeat Cost of Products

Repeat Customer Orders

Repeat Customers

Repeat Discounts

Repeat Gross Sales

Repeat Returns

Repeat Shipping

Repeat Shipping Pre Refunds

Repeat Tax

Repeat Tax Pre Refunds

Repeat Tips

Repeat Total Costs

Returned Orders

Returned Product Quantity



Shipping Pre Refunds

Shipping Refunds


Tax Pre Refunds

Tax Refunds


Total Costs

Total Customers

Total Orders

Total Refunds

View Sessions

30 Day Cost of products

30 Day Customers

30 Day Discounts

30 Day Gross Sales

30 Day Orders

30 Day Returns

30 Day Shipping

30 Day Tax

30 Day Tips

30 Day Total Costs

60 Day Cost of products

60 Day Customers

60 Day Discounts

60 Day Gross Sales

60 Day Orders

60 Day Returns

60 Day Shipping

60 Day Tax

60 Day Tips

60 Day Total Costs

90 Day Cost of products

90 Day Customers

90 Day Discounts

90 Day Gross Sales

90 Day Orders

90 Day Returns

90 Day Shipping

90 Day Tax

90 Day Tips

90 Day Total Costs

180 Day Cost of products

180 Day Customers

180 Day Discounts

180 Day Gross Sales

180 Day Orders

180 Day Returns

180 Day Shipping

180 Day Tax

180 Day Tips

180 Day Total Costs

360 Day Cost of products

360 Day Customers

360 Day Discounts

360 Day Gross Sales

360 Day Orders

360 Day Returns

360 Day Shipping

360 Day Tax

360 Day Tips

360 Day Total Costs

COMPUTED (calculated from raw metrics based on Shopify definitions)

Average Order Value


CM1 %


CM2 %

Gross Margin

Gross Margin (net of expenses)

Gross Profit

Gross Profit (net of expenses)


Net Profit

Net Sales

New Average Order Value

New Customer %

New Sales

New Sales %

Purchase Frequency

Repeat Average Order Value

Repeat Customer %

Repeat Sales

Repeat Sales %

Total Sales

30 Day Gross Profit

30 Day LTV

30 Day Net Sales

30 Day Total Sales

60 Day Gross Profit

60 Day LTV

60 Day Net Sales

60 Day Total Sales

90 Day Gross Profit

90 Day LTV

90 Day Net Sales

90 Day Total Sales

180 Day Gross Profit

180 Day LTV

180 Day Net Sales

180 Day Total Sales

360 Day Gross Profit

360 Day LTV

360 Day Net Sales

360 Day Total Sales

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