Creating a Brand New Item on your Menu

Adding an Item on your Menu

Items are the building blocks of your online menus. Let's walk through how to add items to your menu.

  • In the Dashboard, Click Menus > Select your Menu

  • Identify the section you want to add the item to on your Menu > Click Add Item

  • Add item name in the Enter Item Name Text Box

  • Click + Create new item "[insert your item's name here]"

  • Fill out the information in the Add Item Portal as displayed below

  • Complete your description of the dish - The Item Description highlights the unique details about the menu item

  • Select your price for your dish - There are 3 options for displaying your item prices. Select the price display that matches the requirements of the item:


Displays a single price for an item


Displays prices that are non-numerical for example Market Price or MP


Allows you to include multiple sizes with their corresponding price options

  • Adding Modifiers to your items - To highlight item modifiers click Add Modifier and add the modifier name with its corresponding price as displayed below

  • {Optional} You may instead choose to add a Shared Modifiers. Shared Modifiers are a grouping of modifiers that are shared across multiple items specifically for online ordering. They display on your website like this while placing an order:

  • Click + Add Shared Modifier Group

  • Locate the Shared Modifier Group for the item > Select + Add Group > Apply

  • {Optional} Check the Featured box or the Star Icon to feature an Item. Featured dishes are highlighted on the menu and draw extra attention to that item on the menu.

Pro Tip! Have extra inventory? Feature that item on that week to drive orders of that item

  • Poppable - This feature means that people can like, engage, and review the item. This setting should almost always be checked to prompt engagement!

  • Enabled - When this box is checked it means that the item is available. If you want to temporarily disable or hide this item on the menu Uncheck enabled or click on the eye icon next to the item on the menu display.

  • Item tags highlight specific attributes about an item, for example, if an item is Gluten Free (GF) or Vegetarian (V). To add dish tags to your dish click on the dropdown to select the most suitable choice.

For a full rundown on Item Tags and how to get the most out of them check out this awesome article!

Online Ordering Settings

Preparing Items Online Orders

This is only applicable for Popmenu online ordering.

Activate the Item for Online Orders

Available for Online Ordering means that the item is ready to take online orders

  • In Stock and Out of Stock highlight the inventory status of the item. For more information about managing out of stock items click here!

  • Taxable means that when the item is ordered it will be taxed, You can select the tax rate in the dropdown below. All dishes will incur the default tax rate by default.

  • Save! Once you have reviewed all of your item settings click Save

  • Once you click Save then it's time to add photo(s)!

  • Click on the Red Camera Icon > Add Photos

  • Select your Photo from the Photo Library. You can add more than one photo, however, the Main Photo selected will display on the menu display

  • Click Save

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