Photography brings your menu to life by giving guests the option to view a photo of the item without navigating away from your website.

Quality Food Photography Pays Off

Items with photos consistently perform higher than items without photography

💥 Items with Photos get 4x as many reviews

💥 Items photography generates 3x as many interactions

💥 Photos earn items 2x as many online orders bringing in the $$$

Photo Specifications

The optimal photo size for items on your menu should be in a horizontal orientation and 1920px x 1080px. Photos must be at least 620 px wide.

Take Your Own Photos on Your SmartPhone

Learn best practices from our Director of Photography on how you can capture the best photos on your mobile device right here!

Adding Photo(s) to Your Item

Click on the Grey Camera Button Next to an item

Locate the Photos Section on the Item

Click on the red camera icon to add a photo to the item

Select the photo(s) in the Photo Library you want to add to the item

Once you've selected the photo or photos Click Done

The Main photo that is selected will be the primary photo that displays on the menu > Save

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