Item tags identify if a items on your menu has special characteristics such as being Gluten-free, Vegan, or Brand new.

The power of Item Tags is twofold: Customers understand that an Item aligns with their dietary needs and preferences and customers see when brand new menu items hit the menu that they need to come in and try!


Sorting Items by Tags

The Item tag key is located on the bottom of the menu by default. You can move it to the top if you'd prefer. Please email with your request and we will place the Item tags first on your menu display.


For example, let's say Sarah is a vegetarian and only wants to view vegetarian or vegan Itemm on the menu. She can click on the Vegetarian and Vegan item tags and the menu will only show the vegetarian and vegan options! Neat right?


How to Create a Custom Item Tag

You can also create your own item tags! These are great to add your own branded touch to your menu. For example, you can highlight which items are restaurant favorites

Click Menus > Item Tags > New Item tag

Name - Displays on the Item Key Area

Abbreviation - The letter(s) and icons seen on the Item tag icon

Color - Assign any color you want!

Image - options (for example if you want 🌶️ to indicate that a Item is spicy!)


Your custom item tag is ready to be added to any item on your menus:

Adding Item Tags to Items

You can add Item tags to individual items or to multiple Items at once

Adding Item Tags to Single Items

In the dashboard, Click Menu

Select your menu

Click on an Item

Click Add Item Tag > Save

Adding Item Tags to Multiple Items at Once

Select your items, click on the items selected drop-down > Click Apply Item Tags

Important Note: You can only add custom items tags while adding item tags to multiple items at this time!

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