Device Setup

  • Download or Update Popmenu's for Owners app version 5.2 or higher in your App Store (available in Apple or Android stores)! Be sure your software is up to date (Android 6.0+, iOS 12+)

  • For Star TSP printers, ensure you have followed Star’s setup instructions for your particular printer model and device. Verify that you are able to view + print sample tickets from the TSP100III utility app from the same device that you will be using to print your orders. If you are having difficulty downloading the utility app or cannot print simple tickets with the Utility app, please contact Star support at (800) 782-7636 x995. You may also want to read our Troubleshooting guide for printers article!


  • Please note, that the Star Micronics 100 printer series has printers with both Bluetooth and/or Wifi or USB connections. Most EPSON TM series printers will connect with Bluetooth (excludes - EPSON TM-T20III), Wifi, Ethernet, and USB connections. If you have a USB printer, please make sure your USB cable is connected to your smart device. Star Micronics TSP143IIIBi is the only Bluetooth printer the app officially supports. Check out this article to decide which printer you may want!

Enabling Printer

  • Open the Popmenu for Owners app (version 3.1 or later)

  • Select ordering

  • Select your location,

  • Select Settings

  • Select Printing.

  • Tap the blue “Discover Printers” button to search for Star TSP100 or EPSON TM printers connected via Wifi, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth.

  • Select the printer(s)*** that you would like to use for order ticket printing by clicking the check box next to each printer. View detailed printer information by selecting the “i” button, and print a sample ticket if desired

***Only one EPSON TM series printer can be connected at a time, but you connect (1) EPSON TM series printer & STAR TSP 100 Series printers.

  • By selecting the "i" button next to each of your printers, you can select auto print orders upon acceptance as well as the number of copies you'd like to print upon acceptance. You can also change the ticket style from Kitchen to Full ticket! The full ticket view allows you to see the delivery address! Don't forget to press update!

  • Now, manage your orders! As previously mentioned, orders can automatically pr inter on acceptance if the setting is enabled within each printer or you may Tap the print icon in the top right corner of the screen to print the order.

Automatic accepting of orders is available!

If you would like to enable this option:

  • Login to

  • Select Ordering

  • Select Order Settings

  • Select Setting on specific or each location

  • Select Advance on top tab

  • Enable Auto-Accept Orders

    Automatically accept all new orders means payment will automatically be accepted and scheduling third-party delivery when available”

Watch an example order processed below

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