Smart Messages + Offers = VIP Loyalty

Popmenu's Smart Messages present the perfect opportunity to build a VIP program right within the Popmenu Platform to increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Learn how to effectively incentivize guests to sign up and become followers through specialized promotions by attaching an offer or promotion to your Smart Messages.

Creating Your VIP Offers

There is not a one-size-fits-all model when creating your VIP program offerings. To guide you in discovering what kind of offer you want to provide to your followers ask yourself: "What keeps my customers coming back?"

The answer to the question above will inspire what type of offer you will gift your VIP Followers (i.e. If it is an online ordering offer or in-person dining offer), what is included in the offer, and how many times the offer can be redeemed.

For a refresher on how to create dine-in and online offers check out the links attached.

Smart Messages

To prepare your VIP program, consider attaching dine-in or online ordering offers to these Smart Messages to incentivize followers with special offers. The 3 Smart Message outlined below provides a perfect opportunity to engage with your followers right when they engage with you.

1. Welcome Follower + VIP Promotion

When a Guest Becomes a Follower they automatically receive a Welcome Follower Smart Message.

Attach an offer your followers can't resist ensuring they will return via dine-in or by placing an online order.

Online Order Offer

Dine-in Offer

Get 50% off your next meal on us

Get a free Fried Pickle with your next Order on us

2. Thanks for the Review + VIP Promotion

Guests who leave a review becomes a follower by default. Take this experience to the next level by incentivizing them with an awesome offer to encourage guests to leave reviews.

Online Order Offer

Dine-in Offer

Thanks for the Review! Here's $2 off your next online order on us!

Thanks for the Review! Get a free brownie on your next visit.

3. Happy Birthday + VIP Promotion

The Happy Birthday Smart Message automatically sends to a follower a week before their Birthday if the follower provided their birthday information. An enticing offer gives your VIP's encouragement to celebrate their Birthday with you!

Online Order Offer

Dine-in Offer

Happy Birthday, Friend! We're honored you've chosen to celebrate your special day with us. Order online and get $10 off your special birthday meal!

We'd love to be part of your Birthday plans! Dine with us and get a free dessert on your Birthday on us!

Check out this article to learn how to attach an offer to your smart message!

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