Collect engaged followers right on your website using Popmenu by signing up right on your website. Collecting followers of your restaurant allows Popmenu to send re-marketing materials on your behalf as well as empowers you to use Popmenu's e-mail, texting and online offers feature to keep you at the top of mind for your customers!

Guests can sign up by clicking BECOME A VIP on the Navigation bar of your website

Followers enter their email and sign up to receive updates on special events, new menu items, menu reviews, and more! Your guests can join with their email, Facebook account, or Google account.

Followers can choose to join with just their email. They have the option to complete their profile with their e-mail, birthday, and phone number!

Guests entering their birthday and phone number allows you to encourage them to return to your restaurant through Popmenu's Birthday Club promotion! You can also send out SMS marketing to your guests from your restaurant announcing specials, events, and more!

Now, when followers visit your website, they can Sign In to view their profile and easily update anything they need!

Your guests can sign in by inputting their email addresses. If their email is found to be a follower of your restaurant, they'll be welcomed back and given the opportunity to verify their account 3 different ways: password, email magic link, or text code:

Don't worry! If your guests can't remember their password, they can select to email them a magic link to log in or send an access code to expedite the log in process.

Guests can also easily see if your restaurant has sent them online offer discounts through Popmenu. In the online ordering experience, guests can view in the checkout process the ability to sign in to see their offers.

After your guest enters their email address to check for available offers, Popmenu searches to see if their email entered is also a registered follower of your restaurant. If it is, then the guest is already a VIP and they are routed to log in and view their offers! If the email isn’t found on the restaurant’s VIP list, the guest is routed to a Become VIP/sign up flow.

If the guest clicks “View Offers” they will be taken into their profile and shown the offers that they can apply to their order. They can also select not to view offers and return back to their ordering experience or “x” out of this modal.

Clicking “View Offers” opens up their profile. Your guests can see their current offers, if they have a digital gift card with your restaurant, their favorites and their order history! The favorites section stores some of the guest’s key engagement actions in their profile including dishes popped, dishes reviewed and dishes the guest wants to be reminded to try. As a bonus, in the “Reminder me to try” tab, guests can easily add those items to their cart.

Regardless of how long a guest has been ordering on a client’s website, as long as they’ve used the same email address in their order info, they’ll be able to see all their past orders in their profile. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to re-order dishes individually or re-order an entire previous order. All from their profile, directly to their cart.

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