View Parent Portal:

When parents log in to their Popsicle account, they will land on the Parent Portal page. This is something that admins can view from their Popsicle accounts as well.  To view the Parent Portal, simply click on the "Dashboard" icon at the top left side of the menu on your screen, and you'll see the Parent Portal button in the upper right corner of the page: 

Customize your Link/Slogan

Lets go over how to customize the options available for your school!  From your Settings, under the subheading labeled Parent Portal, click on Settings. Here, you'll have the option to add your slogan, customize your Portal URL link, and upload a background picture for the Parent Portal.  

**Please note:  In order for your parents and families to access their accounts and register, you will need to provide them the link to your school's portal.  

While still in the Settings, you can see/customize your specific link there, with the option to "copy" the link, here: 

To customize the Parent Portal to reflect your school's address and logo, under the subheading "Organization" in your Settings, you'll choose "Profile."  Here, you can add your school's information and upload your logo:

Quick and easy--and your parents and families will feel right at home! 🏡 

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