In Popsicle, there are 4 different types of users.  Let's discuss the different levels of access each one has!

1. Instructor

Instructors can view activity schedules and rosters, but only for the activities they're teaching. Instructors have the ability to check children in and out using the attendance tracker, and in the case of an emergency situation, they have access to the primary contact information of every child on their roster.

Please Note: Homeroom teachers listed under the "Lists" subheading in the "Settings" section are not instructors. Instructors are listed in the "Users" section under the "Organization" subheading in the Settings. 

2. Coordinator

Coordinators have more access to accounts than Instructors because they can edit and change activities, as well as view them--however they cannot send charges to parents.

3. Manager

A Manager has the same access a Coordinator has including the ability to add or edit activities, but they can also charge and bill parents directly. Managers also have access to lists and can edit them, as well as change settings in the parent portal.

4. School Admin (Super Admin)

The School Admin has the highest level of access and the ability to change every setting. Admins can change the billing source, integrate apps & analytics, as well as adjust other user's permissions settings.

**Please Note: Managers, Coordinators, and Super Admins are also able to have Instructor status, if needed! 🎉 To add Instructor status, click the "gear wheel icon" to enter your Settings, click on Users, and then click on the three dots to the far right of the User that you would like to have Instructor Permissions in addition to their Manager/Coordinator/Super Admin status. In the drop down menu, you will choose the "Make Instructor" option, and you're all set! (This permission can also be removed, if needed, from the same location.)

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