Adding activities, whether it's a class, camp, or aftercare program, are very similar, but you'll access these from different places.  

Adding a Class

Along the left side of the screen, you'll see a row of icons.  The classes icon here, is what you would click on to add new classes or see existing classes: 

For more in depth info on adding Classes, click here!

Adding a Camp

Underneath the classes icon, you'll find the camp icon, where you can create new camps, or view existing camps: 

For a more in depth look at adding Camps, check out this article!

Adding Aftercare

The Aftercare module icon you'll find right below the camp icon, here:

For in depth directions on adding Aftercare sessions, check out the article here!

These three modules have different information that you'll need to customize, so having separate locations for each module is ideal 🙂 

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