There are a few very important sections that fall beneath the "Lists" subheading in your Settings.  To view/add/edit/delete these, click on the "gear icon" along the lefthand side of the screen to view your Settings and to enter each section: 

Homeroom Teachers: 

To locate the homeroom teachers of the children registered for your program's activities you can locate the list here, as well as add additional homeroom teachers:

You can also use the bulk upload method to add multiple teachers: 

Pickup Options:

To view the available pickup options that parents will have to choose from when registering their children, or to add additional pickup options, you can do that here:

You can choose to add one pickup option, or you can add a list of new pickup options using the bulk upload method here: 

T-Shirt Sizes:

If your activity has or requires T-Shirts, you can adjust which sizes to offer to parents when registering, here: 


To view, add, or edit the locations that your activities will be taking place, you will do so here: 

You can add a single location, or multiple locations using the Bulk Upload feature: 

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