Save time by letting the Popsicle team build out your next enrichment, camp, or extended care session! Schedule a quick (and free!) Discovery Call with us to get started. We guarantee you’ll be ready by launch day 🎉


Our Process:

Discovery meeting (30 min)

We will begin the build out process by learning the ins and outs of your program so we are able to understand exactly what you'd like to achieve. We’re also here to offer advice and recommendations based on typical best practices and the features we have available to you!

Share details

After the Discovery phase, we'll send you a form where you will provide us with all of your class, camp, or session details. We’ll need to know everything from dates, pricing and descriptions, and capacity. Let your success manager know when you’ve completed the form, and don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions while completing the document!


Our team will review the details you provide and follow up with any necessary questions before beginning to build the session. **Please note** This is a critical part of the process to ensure the information you’ve given us is accurate and our understanding of your needs is crystal clear.

Build out

Once the review process is complete, we will begin to build out your activities. The standard turnaround is 1-week. We do offer a 1-day turnaround and charge a rush-order fee as listed above.

12 Point Inspection

Our team will conduct a 12 point inspection on each activity to ensure the information you have given us is set up correctly in your account.

Launch Ready Guarantee

We offer a 100% guarantee that your activities will be launch-ready at the completion of the buildout.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Schedule your (free) Discovery Call here! 🎉

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