Giving children the option to attend activities remotely can provide flexibility for families who might not otherwise be able to attend! We know offer an integration with Zoom, so that you can offer a remote learning experience 🎉

Connect your Popsicle account with Zoom:

First, you will need to connect to Popsicle's Zoom integration. Click on the gear wheel icon along the left side of the screen to enter your Settings. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click on "Apps" here:

There, click on the "Connect'" option, for Zoom, here:

Follow the prompts to enable the Zoom integration--once this is enabled, the button will change from "Connect" to "Disconnect."

To utilize Zoom for your activities, you will need to designate the Location of your activity to say Zoom Web Conference, in the Details section of your activity, here:

You will then continue to add all other activity details as you would for any other activity. When parents register their child for a Zoom activity, they will receive an email notification with the Zoom link:

They can also use the Calendar in the Parent Portal to locate the activity with the Zoom link as well!

Activities will use the same Zoom link throughout the entire activity session.

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