Portal Introduction

Getting started with the Portal by New Visions

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Monitoring Student Attendance

Monitoring daily attendance, identifying trends, and assigning attendance Supports

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Monitoring Student Academics

Monitoring student marking period grades and GPA, and assigning Academic supports

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Monitoring Screeners & Formative Assessments

Monitoring MAP Growth, i-Ready, and Acadience screeners, as well as F&P formative assessments

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Implementing School-Based Supports

Creating, assigning and monitoring school-based Supports

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HS Graduation Planning & Progress Monitoring

Assigning student level graduation plan, and monitoring credit and Regents accumulation

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HS Course Planning & Progress Monitoring

Auditing course schedules at the start of the term, and monitoring marking period grades

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HS Regents Planning & Preparation

Auditing Regents plans, and assigning Regents prep Supports

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Postsecondary Readiness, Planning & Transition

Track and monitor postsecondary milestones and applications

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Resources for District Staff and Coaches

Resources for users with a caseload of schools

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Resources for Shelter Staff and DOE Family Assistants

Resources for users of the Shelter Portal

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Resources for Transfer Schools

Resources for Transfer Schools

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Resources for Teachers

This resource will give teachers examples of how they can monitor key data for their students' and easily incorporate it into their daily data review

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Strategic Data Check-ins

Resources that provide an overview of each Strategic Data Check-in and links to step-by-step protocols for you to use with your team

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