Grade RelatedΒ 

Drop your lowest quiz/assignment score
Ask the teacher a yes or no question during a test
5 points extra credit
Redo a homework
Free answer on a quiz/test
Participation points
Test retake
Tardy pass
Retake a quiz
Skip a journal
Homework/project extension
Add a +
Take away a -
Automatic A+ on a homework
Late assignment pass
Test correction
Reduced word count on essay

Pro tip: if grade related rewards aren't allowed or just aren't your thing, think about citizenship grade related rewards instead.


Eat in class
Class DJ for the day
Free time at the end of class
Teacher will read a story
Class outside
Movie day
Ukulele song
Late to class pass
Listen to music in class
Choose presentation order
Choose your own seats
Teacher will perform a poem
Sit at teacher's desk
Cool chemistry demonstration
Chose your own group
Teacher will sing a song
Play a game in class
Next quiz will be a Kahoot! quiz
5 class bucks

Pro tip: If you already have a class or school reward system, use Pocket Points as another way students can participate! Β 

Not Free

Pizza party
$ gift card to restaurant/store
Free pencil
School supplies
Cup of tea
Choose from the prize box
Pro tip: Would your PTA be interested in funding some cool rewards for students who are making an effort to pay attention in class?Β 

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