Setting up a rotating, block, or A/B schedule can be done in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Click the rotating/block schedule button 

This can be done either during class creation or while editing a class.

Step 2: Choose how many days are in your rotation

Make sure to set the full rotation, even if the class you're setting up doesn't meet every day.

Step 3: Set your daily schedule

Step 4: Tell us when the rotation starts

We'll use this to tell what rotation day you're on.

Pro tip: if your rotation is wrong (maybe you had a day off 🎉) you can fix it in this section. Just choose the next day you're in school and what day that is and you're good to go!

Does your schedule stay the same every week but change depending on the day? Check out our article on setting up classes with different times during the week.

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