There are two roles

An editor (admin or standard editor) - a person on your team that is responsible for creating the campaign

A reviewer – a person on your team that double checks the accuracy and content of the campaign.They will also be the editor’s extra pair of eyes to review and provide constructive feedback on any object of the campaign.

Objects are any assets of the campaign such as ads, ad groups, and ad extensions.

Editors also can include a project image and description to help identify which campaign and client the build is for.  Editors have the ability to create a project, select the objects he wants to include into the project.  

Afterwards, the editor can invite reviewers to review the objects included in the project.

At this point the editor has the option to share their campaign build with other people. You can do this clicking the eye icon on the action tool bar on the right.

Click "Copy Link" to copy the share preview URL and give it to anyone whom you want to view your campaign build for feedback.

The next step is for the reviewer to enter any comments he has on the objects of the campaign.This can be done by clicking on the object, which then gets highlighted in red. Then look to the right side of the screen there will be a comment pane where the reviewer will be able to type a comment.

The reviewer can click on as many objects and enter as many comments as is required to let the editor know which changes should be made.After all comments have been typed the reviewer can push the status to “request updates” which will notify the editor that the reviewer is done with their review and it’s the editors turn to take a look and make changes.

It is now the editor’s job to make changes or engage in a discussion to clarify any questions before making a change to the platform.

Once the editor has entered their comments, they can change the status of the project to “Under Review” or click the corresponding green horn icon to notify the reviewer that changes have been made and its their turn to review the project.

Each time the editor publishes changes a new version is created to keep track of changes.

This process will take place until the reviewer is satisfied with the campaign build and changes the status to “approved”.

The final step is for the editor will make the final decision to upload the approved campaign build into their live google account for live budget execution.

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