PPC Ad Editor has a quick edit feature for editors that are looking to make changes on-the-fly.  More often than not, a client, editor, and reviewer might be on a conference call and the client may have suggestions to the campaign build that they wish to see immediately.

This can be done directly within editor mode by clicking on the pencil icon near the ad name:

This will enable a pop-up to edit your ad in real-time without having to go back to the main dashboard and searching for the ad: 

After you save the changes,  you'll be able to see the changes highlighted:

As you can see, I changed the first headline and the description. In order for the reviewer to see the changes, the ad has to be published. You can do that within the top dashboard (and remember that the status of the project should be under Request Updates in order for you to publish:

You also have the option to add a quick message before you publish:

Finally, remember that any time you make a change to an ad, it will create a new version of it. You can view earlier versions of an ad, but you'll only be able to edit the latest version, so in order to see any new changes, always click on the latest version. Once an ad is published and a new version is created, the reviewer will be able to view the edits and will be able to exchange comments on the new version, as well as change the status of the project to request updates, or approve/reject it. 

Video Demonstration

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