Google sets an advertising policy for pharmaceutical industry. Every advertiser has to be compliant with the policy as indicated. Please review Health and medicines published by Google for more detailed information on this matter.

One of the requirement is to make sure that Ad extensions and URL link objects are not visible in your ads once published live. You may need to review the ads and take a look at the actual extensions for accuracy before publishing it and PPC Ad Editor makes it easy for you to do it.

Steps in toggling Ad Extensions to Hide/Unhide

  1. Log in to your PPC Ad Editor account.
  2. Preview a particular campaign. Steps here.
  3. Click on the "ON/OFF" toggle button to turn Ad Extension view on and off.

Similar steps will apply in a Project Preview screen. Please see the steps below in previewing a particular Project.

A Reviewer can also utilize the Ad Extension toggle button at anytime when needed.

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