There are six different status updates that you can choose as an editor or reviewer. I'll explain each status and show you what they can be used for. The statuses set at a particular Project will tell both the Editor and the Reviewer for the next action they have to do at the given Project.

The statuses are the following and also defined below:

Draft - status set for unfinished project build.

On Hold - Project build is currently awaiting for client specifications or further instructions or simply put the build on hold.

Archived - Project build is already archived for future use.

Under Review - finished Project build is awaiting for Reviewer's feedback or approval.

Request Updates - Project needing Editor revisions base on the Reviewer's comment.

Approved - the Project build is completed, free from further changes and correction and ready to be uploaded to the Google Ads account.

Uploaded - the Project build is already sync or uploaded to the Google Ads account.

First, in order to access the status feature, you need to go into one of your projects. Once inside the project preview, you can see at the top of the dashboard an option that says "Change Status":

You may also change the status of a Project by going to the (1) "Projects" dashboard and then clicking on the (2) gear icon under the "Actions" column. A popup "Change Status" window will appear that will let you select the appropriate Status from the dropdown option.

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