PCADE will create new versions for every revision applied to a particular project. The versions saved will serve as an audit trail for both the editor and the reviewer to look back on what changes were made on a particular ad.

New versions are generated when editors make changes. So, let's say the reviewer suggests corrections and updates the status of the project to "Request Updates." PCADE will notify the editor of the suggested changes. The editor makes the change then publishes by hitting the megaphone icon. PCADE will automatically update the status of the Project to "Under Review" and makes a new version for the Version Control function.

Please check Project Status for more and detailed information about status.

The versions generated in Version Control serve as an audit trail of that particular ad. They enable both the editor and the reviewer to track who changed what when, and at whose request.

For auditing purposes, editors cannot make changes to previous versions. To ensure the history is recorded, revisions or changes are applied to the most recent version only.
You may find detailed video demonstration about version control by clicking here.

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